Friday, September 25, 2009

The Greatest Thing I Have Ever Seen

I normally don't put a second post up in a single day. But goddamn, Olaf just sent me The Greatest Thing I Have Ever Seen.

I present you with Aaron Bir's "History Reimagined."

His guidelines are simple:

I'm asking for three things from you dear reader:

1. a historical figure
2. a location
3. an awkward situation

If it makes me laugh or intrigues me it will be a comic on Wednesday.
And someone apparently dipped into my pscyhe:

I have tears in my eyes.
The guidelines?

1. Adolf Hitler
2. High above Germany
3. Getting punched by a polio ridden FDR, in jet packs

Oh god, this is glorious.


  1. This is epic. EPIC. Olaf is my new hero. Thank you, Olaf!

  2. Hey, this is Aaron, the guy who drew that.

    Glad everyone digs it!