Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Patriotic Hitler Abuse!

From the creator of Mondo Men Battle Hitler comes this other gem (sadly unfinished):

Side note: I may have drunkenly hooked up with Lady USA in college...awkward...
Scott Saavedra may consider these failures, but he clearly has a different yardstick for success than I do. Because, as Scott McCloud says (uh...more or less), it's the space between the last panel and my mind where the Hitler Punching occurs...

Thanks to rcs for pointing me to this.

Monday, June 29, 2009

I Never Thought I'd See The Day...

When I would be able to say:

"I just watched the late Billy Mays

Honestly, I expect just the yelling would be sufficient.
Oxiclean Hitler's Clock!"

I feel no shame for that pun.

And Chip Wesley, my fellow bartender at Thunder Matt's Saloon, should feel no shame (and indeed no small amount of pride) for this fantastic reimagining of my Solomon Stone pic! I loved it enough to put up an increasingly rare "2nd post of the day."

You Know What I Love?

What I really, really love?

I'd be hard pressed to say who was dressed the *least* goofy on this cover. Hell, it might be Hitler...
People wearing flags who punch Hitler so hard he flips.

As a public service to those of you who prefer their Hitler-punching undiluted by a couple whizzing around dressed like human bullets (personally, I think they add a bit of charming circus whimsy, but I'm no arbiter of taste):

Minute-Man's shirt is from the Garth Brooks Signature Collection.

P.S.: I originally wanted to make another Cap Tribute Week in honor of the upcoming Bicentennial Plus 33, but I've realized that I've only got a few options left that I know of. Besides, Steve Rogers would be proud to share Hitler Punching with his fellow Americans.

Minute-Man spends mere seconds on Hitler on the cover of Master Comics #13, with art by Charles Sultan. Submitted by Olaf.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life Imitates Art

Remember postcard week?

This little fella does:

He's *this* man's best friend, at least.
I know Hitler's not technically in this, but he is in spirit...

Like yesterday, rcs submitted this from here.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Reasons to keep a kosher table:

The irony of the vague racism on these anti-Nazi posters is not lost on me.
The ham has Hitler all over it!

rcs submitted this action-packed piece of treyf, which he found here.

Friday, June 26, 2009

What If....

...the Human Torch decided to immolate Hitler two days in a row?

Neil sent me these three pages a while back (click to enlarge):

Marvel Trivia: The Watcher Never Interferes, Except When He Does.Burn, Baby Burn!Hitler Inferno!
...but the real money shot is here:

Flameproof Button? Now I find that hard to believe.
Torch had no choice...You saw him...he had a gun.

Pages are from What If? #4, vol. 1 (Aug '77), "What if the Invaders Stayed Together After World War Two?" written by Roy Thomas with art by Frank Springer (who passed away a scant few months before I started this blog).

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Punching Hitler - With FIRE!

Oh, Human Torch.

Out of all the androids that were capable of bursting into flame, you're my favorite.

Holy crap! Is that Cobra Commander in the bottom left?That's probably why.

Oh, and Torch's teen sidekick, Toro, is doing good work as well.

This is an unpublished sketch by Carl Burgos from 1941. I don't know where Olaf found it, but I am definitely intrigued...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Now Here's Something You Don't See Every Day

Artist David Hahn has this to say about the following drawing:

"A gorilla in a spacesuit about to clean Hitler's clock, from my sketchbook. That is all. "

I beg to differ.
This drawing is one jetpack and/or dinosaur away from Awesomeness Critical Mass
He also has an eyepatch.

You can't take that away from him. God, I love Ape on Nazi violence.

Olaf submitted this drawing, which originally appeared here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Cap Runneth Over

Okay, that was almost as awful as Sunday's toilet humor, but last week I picked up Cap #600, and was treated to this panel:

I could literally watch Captain America punch Hitler every day of my life and not get tired of it.
The flying tooth alone makes me love looking at this. Add in "The living extension of every American's outrage at the tyranny of the Third Reich," (which I am this close to making my tagline - heck, I still might...) and you have one happy Hitler-Puncher.

You can click this to enlarge. Hell, I'm thinking of making it a bookmark.

Art by Alex Ross, written by Paul Dini, and lettered by Todd Klein. Image scanned from Captain America #600, but originally appeared in Captain America: Red, White, & Blue (which I somehow don't own).

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Mission Statement, In Its Purest Form

You can find a much more detailed version here, but I think this:

I want to get this tattooed on my *soul*.
Pretty much says it all.

Thanks to rcs, who submitted this from here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Postcard Week, Day 7!

Unlike the actual post office, HGP is open on Sundays!

And Stalin ain't the only one to drop a 'Dolf duece this week...1

Sam did use quilted TP with lotion afterwards. We aren't savages, people.
This "Plumbing Race" and the much-ballyhooed "Toilet Gap" (whereupon the U.S. was disturbed to learn the Soviets could flush Hitler 75 times over, to America's 22) set the future tone for much of the Cold War.

Olaf and The Alibear both independently submitted this puppy, which he apparently found at the Hitler Library, a site (to be perfectly honest) that I cannot tell is pro- or anti-Hitler...

  1. Oh, how ashamed I am of that comment.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Postcard Week, Day 6!

Disclaimer: This may or may not actually be a postcard:

Can't have a Giant Fist without GIANT FEET!
But you know what? I bet you could stamp it and mail it anyway.

Art by "Kem," the signature of Kimon Evan Marengo.

Submitted by Olaf. In case you didn't guess.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Postcard Week, Day 5!

Those wacky Bolsheviks...

For my money, you don't get a more jovial brutal Totalitarian dictator than Uncle Joe.
At least Stalin didn't make him use the Soviet toilet paper...

Olaf submitted this. I have no idea who drew this or where he got it from.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Postcard Week, Day 4!

Lest yesterday's entry made you think HGP has a strong pro-dog bias, just remember: only the cute ones.

Art approved by the American Society for the Promotion of Cruelty to Hitlers.

Hitler-dogs get strafed just like everyone else.

Apparently, this poscard opened to a poem that I wish I could read. The art is credited to H.D. Smith, and the poem (or the card) was published by Pan American Publishing Co., El Paso, Texas.

If anyone would like to write a poem based on the title "Hitler at the Gates of Hell," I'll gladly put it up for all to see.

Olaf again, via here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Postcard Week, Day 3!

What do adorable, fuzzy dogs think of Hitler?

Internet Rule #34 is in effect.

Pretty much what everyone else does.

Olaf again, via this site. Artist unknown.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Postcard Week, Day 2

Seems an awful waste of a good bottle of wine...

You fool! Cabernet with Hitler? Maybe a nice Shiraz...
...But, I suppose the French have plenty.

This postcard is signed by Joseph Lenard, but I can find no more information on the artist.

Postcard week continues Wednesday!

Another fine pic submitted by Olaf, from Vintage Postcards.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Interlude: A Poem...

I'm interrupting POSTCARD WEEK for a submission from a reader.

Last D-Day, I received the following in an email:

A Poem (Or Song, I Suppose) About Punching Hitler In The Face

"He was something I couldn't stand
So I simply pulled back my hand
Oh, it was my saving grace
When I punched Hitler in the face.

It angered me, I reeled my fist back
I shot forward and leaped to attack
Kept goin' on about the superior race
So I punched Hitler in the face.

I jumped on him, all ready to strike
Because of his talk about the Third Reich
I didn't have no sword or mace
So I settled for punching Hitler in the fa-ce.

And if you said I could do it again
I'd come at him with even more men."

(...I-I wrote it myself. I hope...it still counts. Or at least brightens your day a little bit. Or makes you laugh at my PHAIL.)

Not at all! All forms of Hitler abuse are an EPIC WIN here at HGP. I just wish I had been more timely in my response! My only excuse: I am a lazy, procrastinating weasel.

Thanks to Anna Göransdottir for the submission! Here's your HGP Fun Bucks!

Remember that you can submit here by sending any original art, writing, or whatever to HitlerPuncher AT gmail DOT com.

Postcard Week, Day 1!

Through Rain, Sleet, Snow, or the Gloom of Fascist Night, HGP will be bringing you a weeks worth of fine, mailable Hitler Abuse!

Well, except Sunday. And any government holidays. Also, I'm on my break, so only one window is available. And, the rates just went up, so you'll have to attach an extra 2-cent stamp.

But other than that, get ready for at least 6 days or so of Fuhrer-Smacking Fury that you could use to mail your darkest secrets to Frank Warren.

Note: Several of these pictures (as the watermark says) come from this site, so if you really like them (and have the scratch), you can buy one for yourself! Or, you know, buy one for your friendly neighborhood Hitler-Punching-blogger...

And without further ado, let the mail-order-mayhem begin:

I like to imagine the sound effect of impact was 'SCRUM!'
Check your mailbox tomorrow for more!

I can't tell the artist's name, but I can tell you it was Olaf that tipped me off to this picture, and the site.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Anagrams love to punch Hitler!

I hear Franco is good with paella.
This photoshop was made by someone with the screenname "guvnor" as part of a photoshop project of video game anagrams.

Ali sent me this. Thanks, hon.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Sentiments Exactly

They don't make movies like this anymore.

I've ALWAYS wanted to hit someone so hard a spiral appeared. Especially Hitler.

Or maybe they do. I don't know.

At any rate, this movie was originally released in England under the less inspiring name of Let George Do It, and in the Soviet Union under the positively mystifying name of Dinky Do. It starred the late George Formby, who is popular enough in the UK to have his own society. No idea who drew the poster, but whoever it was certainly focused on what was important.

Thanks to Olaf for the pic.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Giant Fist Is Done With Hitler...

...for now.

Giant Fist normally separates his Fascist Dictators, but it's been a hectic week for him.

Don't fret! I'm sure the Giant Fist will be back for more Hitler Punching soon!

Thanks to rcs for the propaganda poster.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Giant Fist Invites a Friend...

I'm not normally one to repeat myself, but I have been given a screen capture from this video that fits right in with this week of GIANT FIST ACTION:

Sharing means caring.

The only thing better than one fist is two!

Tune in tomorrow for more FISTING!1

Thanks again, rcs!

  1. That didn't come out right.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Giant Fist Keeps on Crushing

"Who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?" 1

M & M's were actually invented in WWII because US soldiers were complaining about getting melted Hitler all over their hands.
...apparently, acclaimed Mexican cartoonist Miguel Covarrubias did.2

  1. This HGP Moment of CultureTM was been brought to you courtesy of William Shakespeare, who never punched Hitler, but would have...given the chance.
  2. This HGP Moment of Hitler Torture was brought to you by Olaf

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Know Chinese Democracy Was a Letdown, But...

...what did Axl do to deserve...oh...

As long as Duff is unharmed...

That "Axl."

This Giant Fist (Uncle Sam's fist, no less) is reaching from a General Motors poster by G. Laivson, of whom I know nothing else. Once again, Hitler clearly needs a manicure (if not the blood of a virgin).

Thanks, Olaf!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Of Course, the Actual UN Never Did Anything This Awesome

Because their just an assembly of the world's countries, not a...

Did anyone ever think to tell Mussolini he looked like a douche in that fez?

I'm pretty sure the term "United Nations" is actually a coincidence, but no reason not to enjoy a giant fist taking a crack at der Fuhrer AND picking up il Duce for the spare.

This political cartoon walloping Hitler was created by Willard Wetmore Combes, whom we will be seeing again...

You know the drill. Thank Olaf again, folks.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Nothing says "harmony and brotherhood" like a multicultural group riding a giant fist into Hitler's jerk face.

Unofficial Giant Fist Week may end up topping Bayonet Fortnight as my personal favorite theme. "Alliierte" is German for "Allies," in case you were wondering. This cartoon comes from a Swiss Magazine, and is entitled "März 1945: Alle gegen Hitler" (March 1945: All Against Hitler). The caption probably more or less reads "The latest war news. We fight!" (my best guess).

I guess I could ask Olaf. He submitted it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Little Punching Music for Your Saturday Morning

Happy Birthday (+1 day) for the fearless leader of this blog. Hopefully, he's just waking up now - hungover from a delirium of hitler punching (or punching guys who look like Hitler. Whatever) and the rampant drug abuse that goes with most Hitler punching. Anyhoo, how's this for a little Saturday morning pick-me-up?

That was Spike Jones and his City Slickers. The song was originally recorded in 1942 but you can grab it on 1994's The Spike Jones Anthology: Musical Depreciation Revue.

This is a retread of this post, so y'alls can just stream the song instead of having to download it.

Happy D-Day Anniversary!

In honor of both D-Day and my recent birthday, I think I am going to celebrate by having a mini-theme week - huge fists!

In the spirit of that combined Allied offensive, here's the Big Three guiding a single fist into Hitler's punim.

Yeah, I used a Yiddish word to describ you, 'Dolf. What are you gonna do about it? Cry?
Oooh! Right in the Yalta!

Thanks again to Olaf, though I have no idea who the original artist was.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rube Goldberg Has Big Plans....

...and they're surprisingly uncomplicated.

I'm torn. I want more needless steps, but I'm impatient for Hitler to suffer.
Comics legend Reuben "Rube" Goldberg, who didn't invent the delicious sandwich, but did get an award named after him, came up with these devices.

Once the ball I drop rolls down the ledge to knock the milk over to shrink the string to move the sword to trigger the guillotine to slice the sausage, which will swing into the door that moves the sickle to pop the balloon that will startle the bird who will fly off the scale which wil cause the foot to squish the squid to squirt the ink into my fountain pen, I will write a thank you note to Olaf for this. Because today is my birthday, and Hitler-punching is really the best present I could ever ask for.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

That Looks Painful...


Sometimes, it just feels good to watch him suffer.
I don't much to say about this, other than it's Russian, it's violent, and it happens to Hitler.1

Good enough for me.

Thanks again, Olaf.

  1. Also, Adolf really needs a manicure. And a dentist.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Love Noseart!

Which is apparently what I'm about to show you is called.

So, yesterday, Supes gave Hitler a Kryptonian Knuckle Sandwich. But we all know Ma and Pa Kent didn't raise no lawless vigilante, so the next logical step would be for him to take Adolf to the proper authorities:

I hope Hitler got tons of bugs in his teeth, if not a birdstrike to the forehead.
And what better way than to fly on the nose of a bomber? I submit there is none.

According to this website, the proper credits for this picture are:

Lt. Hiram O Bevins, 61st Fighter Squadron. P-47C 41-6232 HV-B. Detail view of artwork situated on fuselage.

Photo: Fred Christensen via Sam Sox

Oh, and get this: a very fuzzy picture of Supes punching Hitler or the other side!

Hat tip: Olaf

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

It's a fist.

Okay, I've got to admit that I may check what sites are linking to me, on account of I'm narcissistic and stuff...

But sometimes my neurotic quest for attention pays off, as I found this fantastic piece of artwork on the gamefaqs forum:

I offer this as a rebuttal for anyone who says Supes is 'boring.'
As a fan of Hitler Punching in general, and Original Hitler Punching Art, I had to put this on here. Thankfully, Dan Magee (theRedDeath) , who draws the webcomic Bad Guy High, was cool with it. You should definitely check his stuff out.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Victory Bond Triple Threat!

I'm not even going to go for the easy Canada joke here. I just find it face-warpingly awesome that they apparently had their choice of three separate ways to finance Hitler-abuse during the War:
Tough call. What would *you* pick?
Hmmm..."Attacked by an eagle and bulldog" is nice...as is "Hitting him with a honking big hammer"...but you know, my money is definitely earmarked for "Throttled and then devoured by a giant chicken."

But really, nothing's bad on that menu.

Thanks to Olaf for the pic.