Thursday, April 30, 2009

Apparently Today is Baseball Day...

As friend of HGP Ionas the Baron recently submitted this gem:

Hitler is now on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to April of 1945.

Bonus HGP bucks for using my own Solomon Stone drawing as an element. I've never cared too much about the Jays, but I suspect this new "Hitler Punching" strategy will certainly pay off this year.

Even More Satisfying Than A.J.

As a Cubs fan, I was never truly in love with Michael Barrett. His offense was often decent, even good. But his defense and game calling was sub-par at best. Really, there was never a moment that he was my favorite player...

You should see what Zambrano did to Hitler.

Yes, I made this. And yes, I'm aware that the blue sunburst looks a little like the Japanese flag. But it gives it a nifty "Pop Art meets Op Art" feel, dammit. And if you click it, it gets slightly larger.


Sorry for the lack of recent updates, trust me it's not from the fields going fallow on this subject. Anyways, to make up for the days skipped I've decided to pull out one of the big guns. Namely, this:

That's right, kids. It's a fucking Catplane dropping bombs on a Hitler whale. If you see this picture and don't understand how great and awesome life is, well, I don't know what to tell you.

I don't seem to have the origin information of this piece of art, but a major hat tip to Olaf for pointing us to the pic.

Wolter Edit 2011: Hat tip to the Alibear for getting us a replacement picture after the original went down.

The Destroyer Actually Lets Me Down A Bit

I mean, he's definitely* punching Hitler. In the head. You can't take that away from him:

It's good Hitler abuse. Not GREAT Hitler abuse. But good.
But, with a name like "Destroyer," I just expect a little more...well...destruction. Also his costume is the sort of thing you ONLY see in the Golden Age.

Ah well, Hitler Punching is like pizza. Even when it's not very good, it's still pretty damn good.

The Destroyer knocks the Fuhrer in the Kopf in Mystery Comics #9, with Pencils by Al Gabriele and inks by the hardworking Syd Shores. Image submitted by Olaf.

*Actually, upon review, he might be punching him, but there's just as good a chance he's kneeing him. But it's in the head. No doubt about that.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hitler. Jesus. Gandhi. Punching.

There's a lot of joy to be found here.

Thanks to The Alibear, who is going above and beyond the call of duty as a significant other, for sending me this. I'm stunned that she allows me to spend so much time hunting for Hitleriana, but to do so herself is pure love. The pure love of watching Hitler get punched. Mazel Tov, honey.

Blue Beetle is a Hopeless Romantic

I mean, just look at the way he's kissing Hitler with his fists.

In an alternate, Alan-Moore-written tale, this is Hollis Mason punching a guy *dressed* like Hitler. Who gets off on this sort of thing.
Get a room you two!

Blue Beetle lets his love light shine in Blue Beetle #32, artist and writer credits unknown. As usual, click to enlarge and think happy thoughts about Olaf for the submission.


A Facebook quiz that speaks to me.

According to the quiz I took: YOU ARE A HITLER PUNCHER.

That is all.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bea Arthur Redux

Remember that "Maude Punches Hitler" image from a few days ago? Well, friend of HGP JulieJazz has animated it!


She referred to it as "The World's Worst Photoshop Ever," but it's better than I could do.

Thanks, JJ!

Oh, and to the person who found us by googling "bea arthur rot in hell": watch it, buster.

Hey, Atom...

...what do you think of Jetpack Hitler?

Hitler is the one thing that is not made cool by the addition of a jetpack.
Thanks. I'll make a note of that.

Jetpack Hitler eats boot in
All-New Atom #14 (written by Gail Simone, with art by Mike Norton and Trevor Scott), of which more info can be found on Chris's Invincible Super Blog. Oddly, my fantastic fiancee Ali sent me this link. Odd, because I've been a pretty religious reader of the ISB for at least 3 years, and shouldn't have had to be reminded of such radness.

Our Mission Statement/Request For Original Art

Who We Are

After my Solomon Stone punches Hitler pin-up hit the ISB, I've been inundated with new site hits, so I thought I'd take the time to reiterate this blog's mission and send out yet another request for reader submissions.

Hitler Getting Punched is an attempt to create a one-stop location for all your Hitler abuse needs here on this wonderful little internet. The vast majority of posts will, of course, be pre-existing anti-Hitler art from various sources, including comic books, propaganda posters, films, video games, or wherever it may be found. Preference in pre-existing subject matter is given in the following order:

  1. Hitler Getting Punched (the blog's raison d'etre)
  2. Hitler Getting Slapped
  3. Hitler Getting Kicked
  4. Hitler Getting Strangled
  5. Hitler Getting Stabbed
  6. Hitler Getting Otherwise Abused
  7. Hitler Getting Made a Fool Of
  8. Hitler Getting Denounced (Must be a particularly amusing denouncement)
We currently have a few dozen assorted pieces of artwork that fall into this category. And of course, we try to give credit where credit is due. If you see any work that is not fully and correctly sourced, by all means, please let us know by contacting me at HitlerPuncher @ gmail . com. If you are the copyright holder of something that appears here, by all means let us know if you want it taken down. We're here to promote Hitler-Punching, not turn a profit on the labors of others.

Original Works

This is an area we would love to expand our scope. I've created a couple of original works for this site already, and have received a few submissions from readers. But I would like more. A lot more. In fact, the only thing that will get preferential treatment over a classic Golden Age image of Hitler getting punched in the face is an original piece of Hitler Punching artwork submitted by you, the reader. Because I think the Hitler Punching Project (as I just decided to name it) should be a community event. I can't punch Hitler alone, people. Well, I can. But trust me, we can ALL punch Hitler together.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Create an original work of Hitler-abuse in any medium you'd like. These can include, but are not limited, to any of the following:
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Photoshop
  • Poem
  • Fanfic
  • Video
  • Song
  1. Send said material to HitlerPuncher @ gmail . com

  2. Include the name you would like to be credited with, as well as any information about the piece that you want in the post. If you have a website, by all means give the link.

  3. That's actually pretty much it.

  4. Oh, and your perceived level of "talent" is NOT an issue here. We want submissions from anyone and everyone. A stick figure done in crayon that is still recognizably Hitler getting punched is just as valid a form of expression as the finest piece of professional artwork. In this case it really is the thought that counts.
Of course, we can't actually pay for these submissions, unless you don't mind getting HGP Fun BucksTM:

Not accepted as legal tender anywhere except my heart.
However, speaking from personal experience, drawing Hitler getting decked is, in many ways its own reward.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, our wordiest post to date. I promise the next one will have less reading and more Fuhrer-abuse.

More Escapist Mayhem!

Found this sweet little piece of Chabonica a while back:

The Escapist is taller than I thought.

As always, click to enlarge. This one is by comics legend Herb Trimpe, who I knew in my childhood as The Guy Who Drew G.I. Joe.

Monday, April 27, 2009

If Adolf Hitler Flew In Today...

...they'd send a knuckle sandwich anyway.

We've got an original Hitler-punching piece from Hayden War showing an angry Joe Strummer (circa 1982)* planning to give the Fuhrer a little chin music:

I'm NOT working for the Clampdown!
And really, if you can combine my personal twin loves of "the Clash" and "Hitler getting punched," you are a good man in my book.

*Or it could be Joe from 1984. In which case, Hitler better run, because that was not a happy time for Mr. Strummer, and he might need to let off some steam.

The Kid Tears the Cover Off of Hitler

In honor of the Red Sox (dirty truth: 1/2 of this operation is comprised of Red Sox fans) sweeping the New York Yankees over the weekend, here's one of the all time greats doing his part:

I maintain that for Teddy Ballgame hitting came so naturally the bat was just an extension of his harm. Which makes this really a picture of Hitler getting punched in the back of the head.

Of course, in "Real Life" Ted Williams also did his part.

Big tip of the hat to Dr. Medulla for the bang-up photoshoppin'

I Know What I Want For My Birthday...

It turns out this:

C'mon, you know you want to buy me this...

Click to enlarge. for sale.

Anyone got 750 bucks lying around?

Thanks again to Olaf for the link. Painting by John Watson, who has several more comics-inspired paintings for sale on that link, including a pretty sweet one of the Red Skull getting jacked in the jaw (little known Wolter trivia: Red Skull is second only to Hitler in the category of Nazis I Love To Watch Getting Punched).

Hitler's Worst Mistake?

Crossing the World’s Greatest Half-Vampire Private Detective Skateboard Champion!

Below is the original pen-and-ink sketch I drew of the Action Age's own Solomon Stone giving Hitler the back of his fist. The final, full color version can be found here (oh, and here). If you click on the version below, it gets pretty big...

Show's over, Synergy!
Thanks to Chris Sims for creating a character so instantly awesome, that I knew he'd one day punch Hitler.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

"God's Gonna Get You For That, Hitler."

R.I.P., Bea Arthur...

Right on, Maude!

An effusion of thanks to Neil for this wondrous tribute to one of my favorite humans ever. And I'm not even kidding.

Action Man Makes a Fool of Hitler

Nothing like a swift kick in the ass to tell Hitler who's boss:

This is a collection of Action Man figure, and yes kids, they did make a Hitler action figure.

Hat tip to Olaf

The REAL Winners?

...The Hitler Abuse community.

Stompy, stompy!

Gotta think Mussolini got the short end of the stick here: his disembodied head isn't just getting stepped on, it's getting stepped on by an android on fire.

Thanks again to Olaf for this image, which is from All-Winners #6, for which I unfortunately cannot find artist credits.

EDIT: Olaf does it again! Credits for this issue can be found here. It looks like the art is either by Al Avison, Bill Everett, or possibly both.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stabbing Hitler Right in the Ass

That's right, even the average citizen can abuse Hitler thanks to this wonder product:

The 1941 Hitler Pin Cushion, a product of Bassons Dummy Products out of New York City, is pretty much the coolest that sewing has ever gotten.

Hat tip to rcs

And Bucky Picks Up the Spare!

It's actually harder to knock over two Nazi scumbags at once than you'd think. Especially since the Red Skull has to be given just the right topspin.

More like Cap's sidePUNCH! Am I right? Huh?
Apparently, Bucky has been getting lessons on efficiency from Spy Smasher.

This exciting example of boy-sidekick endangerment is from Young Allies #1, with pencils by Jack Kirby and inks (probably) by Syd Shores. Olaf is about to get his own special label if he keeps submitting these.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Oooh! Right in the Memphis Belles!

Sure, you could put a Vargas girl on the nose of your bomber, but nothing is sexier than kicking Hitler.

He's getting kicked by the Cheshire Marine.
Except maybe punching him.

Thanks to rcs for tipping me off about this image. He located it here.

Cap #1 Tribute Week BONUS CONTENT - SNAKE EYES!!!!!

Just when I thought I was out of this, Olaf pulls me back in!

This is one step closer to the Snake Eyes/Captain America teamup I've been dreaming about.
Okay, it's technically not Hitler, but it's a fun tribute. And I spent most of my childhood idolizing Snake Eyes, so this was a nostalgic joy to see.

This is an limited edition alternate cover for G.I. Joe America's Elite #1, made for Graham Cracker comics (which I actually have shopped at). Art by Nelson Blake and Rhys Yorke. More info here.

Santa Fights Hitler: Ultimate Mega Showdown

In some ways, strangling might be even better than punching, if you think about it:

This is a 1944 magazine ad fron Interwoven sock company, which appeared in kick-ass magazines the world over (or, in the United States, whatever).

Hat tip to rcs

Cap #1 Tribute Week - CALE!!!!!

In honor of Cap #1 Tribute Week, I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and finally put up my own Hitler-punching art.

In point of fact, my original purpose of this blog was not only to find and post pictures by others, but to personally create an ongoing series of Fuhrer-Abuse-Centered artwork. The following picture began as a rough sketch about 2 days before I even had the idea to start this blog, and finally came to fruition when I realized a few days ago that I didn't have a Friday entry for this Tribute Week and frantically started drawing during my lunch breaks at work.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you:

Don't worry, Kris Kristofferson wasn't at home.

Click to enlarge


This probably requires a little backstory. Unfortunately, I'm not prepared to give it all away just yet. But rest assured, more will come of this. And when it does, you will never look at Harry Dean Stanton, Ted Nugent, or Finnish Nazi Archeologist Yrjö von Grönhagen the same ever again.




The following quote may prove illuminating, though only partially:

"I was staying at the Tropicana Hotel in Hollywood. One day we heard all this noise. We looked across the parking lot to the other side where the noise was coming from and suddenly the whole door of this room came flying out onto the balcony, and there stood John Cale. He couldn't work the doorknob, so he just knocked the door down,right off the hinges."

Leee Childers
Unless I find or receive another Tribute pic, this concludes Cap #1 Tribute Week. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Hitler-punching, already in progress.

A special tip o' the cap to Gene Mayes, the co-creator of the eventually upcoming Astonishing Adventures of Stalin & Cale. Stay tuned for more arcane viral marketing both here, and elsewhere. And of course a huge tip of the cap to Simon and Kirby, without whom not much of anything I like would be possible.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Don't Move Or Hitler Gets It!"

"...Hey...I said don't move...

"No, seriously...sit still...

"Okay, fine. Don't move or Hitler doesn't get it.

"Much better."

Do it. Do it.

This is a still from Hitler - Dead or Alive (I think you know which position HGP endorses). Hat tip to rcs for passing this image on to me. More info can be found here.

Chuck Norris Versus Hitler

It's not that An Eye for an Eye wasn't a badass movie, but let's face it, this is the film we would all have paid good cash-money to see:

I hope this starts an internet meme of Chuck Norris versus Hitler jokes that we all end up hating soon.

Hat tip to rcs

Cap #1 Tribute Week - HEMBECK!!!!!

I think it's safe to say that this is the raddest tribute yet. Click to enlarge:

Anyone who can take time out of destorying the Marvel Universe to punch Hitler is a mensch in my book.
Legendary cartoonist Fred Hembeck takes a turn at parodying the classic Cap #1: could life be better? Probably.

But it could be a damn sight worse.

This picture is from Hembeck's series of Classic Cover Redos. Several originals are on sale here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...

...Hitler has left the building.

I would have voted for this stamp. Early and often.

The King Has Spoken.

Olaf, who is edging out Flex in contributions here, submitted this original piece of Hitler art, which he claims to have found in "the private collection of D.J. Fontana." Great work!

Feel free to submit your own original works of Hitler-punchery to HitlerPuncher [at] gmail [dot] com.

Punching Hitler for World Peace

A variant on a previously posted design, this one is for us English speaking types:

Straight and to the point. Just the way we like it here at HGP.

Hat tip to Marky Dread

Cap #1 Tribute Week - ZOMBIES!!!!!

I kinda missed the boat on the Marvel Zombies comics, even though I'm a huge fan of Zombie movies. The whole idea just didn't move me much.

But this? This is Gold.

I hope it took Zombie Cap at least 10 minutes to shamble over to Zombie Hitler.

As usual, click to enlarge.

If one has any doubts about the awesomeness of this image, let's review the checklist:

  • Is Captain America being depicted? Check.
  • Is he punching Hitler? Check.
  • Is Hitler's frickin' head coming off? BIG check.
  • Is frickin' ASH FROM THE EVIL DEAD TRILOGY taking on the role of trusty sidekick? Groovy check.

I think it's safe to assume this image is AWESOME.

Picture courtesy of the variant cover of Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #1, and is painted by Arthur Suydam.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1st Person Stabber

Ah, what a blast from the past this is:

The real money shot starts around 15 seconds before the end, but there are plenty of Hitler-wizards and assorted Nazi soldiers to watch die before then.

I was never good enough to get this far, but I loved Wolfenstein 3D anyway. Any opportunity to shoot Nazis is a good opportunity.

Reasons to Never Stop Punching Hitler: Bestiality

That's right, Hitler was into getting the loving from our four legged friends. Here's proof:

Of course, you have to figure Scooby is playing the long con on this one.

Hat tip to Marky Dread

Cap #1 Tribute Week - APES!!!!!

Like most comics readers, I love Apes.

And I obviously love to watch Hitler getting punched.

If only there were some way to combine the two...


This will do NICELY.

Oh. Hell. Yes.

A winner is me.

This Powerful Primate Punchery appears in Marvel Apes #1, written by Karl Kesel, drawn by Ramon Bachs, and colored by Javier Mena Guerrero (who does not have a decent web profile yet).

Monday, April 20, 2009

Germans Punching Hitler? You Better Believe It.

Oh my goodness. We at HGP owe Olaf so very much.

I don't even know how to repay him for this:

Captain Berlin doesn't need this kind of trash in his town.

And, get this: there's a TRAILER!

Captain Berlin video directed by Jörg Buttgereit, who is apparently quite the controversial fellow. Comic artist unknown. More information located here, if you speak German. Which I clearly do not.

Funny Foreign Language Confuses While Hitler Stabbed Soothes

In a language I cannot read - and will assume conveys the message "Hitler is Balls Awful" - this poster ratchets up the usual level of Hitler abuse to impailment on a bayonet. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy:

Hat tip to Olaf

Cap #1 Tribute Week - The Original

In "honor" of Hitler's birthday, I thought I'd put up the best present comics ever gave him - a fist to the face.

Here it is folks, the image that started it all (click to enlarge):

God Bless Captain America.
A true American classic that all Hitler-punching imagery strives to emulate. Note that this event happens March of 1941, 9 months before the U.S. entered the war.

For the next several days, HGP will be cataloguing those that paid homage to this iconic example of Hitler Fisticuffs. Are all of the tributes successful? Well, if you mean by creating an image as powerful and unforgettable as this: probably not.

But if you mean showing various interpretations of Hitler getting punched, then: Hell, yes.

Tune in tomorrow for the first tribute.

This classic image is, of course, Captain America #1 by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. And it is just as glorious now as it was then.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hiter Gets Strangled, We Enjoy It

Another WWII-era propaganda poster, this beauty presents the united Allied effort to abuse Hitler right in the neck:

Hat tip to Olaf

Does Cat-Man Have to Choke a Fuhrer?

Evidently, yes.

Again: not strictly a punch, but I ain't complainin.'
Cat-Man closes Adolf's windpipe on the cover of Cat-Man Comics # 20, as drawn by Charles M. Quinlan. Thanks to Mark for the heads-up.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kicking is Pretty Much as Good as Punching

Especially when it's right in the butt. And an album cover:

This is the cover to the 2008 release Kickin' Hitler's Butt: Vintage Anti-Fascist Songs 1940-1944 from the Chrome Dreams label. The album is still in print, so pick it up and listen to anti-fascist songs while you read a blog about Hitler getting punched...

hat tip to Purple Hayes

"C'mere, you..."

Oh, Hitler, you poor, naïve fool.

Don't you know?

He's gonna give you SUCH a PUNCH...

...Running away only makes him mad.

Image taken from the cover of Captain America #36, drawn by Syd Shores.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Or, Your Guess Is As Good As Mine, Folks.

Click on the following to see a large version:

On the one hand: this is CRAZY. On the other: this is crazy AWESOME.

I have NO IDEA were this originally came from, who drew it, or exactly how serious they are. However, this is clearly some sort of Wizard's Battle between Stalin and Hitler. In Russian and German.


A digression: this drawing's subject matter is a serendipitous concidence, but I cannot elaborate on the reason why just yet.

A further digression: I suspect it will be DAYS before I will stop laughing at "NEIN!"

Thanks to The Alibear for hooking me up with this bafflingly sweet comic.

PSEUDO-EDIT/FINAL DIGRESSION: I have had this entry scheduled for nearly a week, sitting in the queue with my ignorance in view for no one but myself (or possibly Flex) to see, when Olaf sent me this link this morning: THE FULL COMIC WITH TRANSLATIONS! I decided to leave the original entry intact, as a document to my childlike sense of wonder upon first seeing this. Now I'm off to actually read this work of what is either genius or insanity.

Punching Hitler: The Movie

We truly live in a glorious age:
The Award-winning Short from 2004 now on MySpace. Three drinking buddies get hold of a time machine and decide to go back in time to punch Adolf Hitler every single day of his life. PUNCHING HITLER hit the festival circuit in 2004 and had a healthy run that's still going strong. HITLER was featured at the Cannes Marketplace, DaVinci Fest, The Valley International Film Festival, FilmStock UK and several other festivals around the world. Seen in over 22 Film Festivals and 5 Countries! AWARDS: 2004- Valley International Film Festival(CA) WINNER "People's Choice" Award 2004- FilmStock(England) International Film Festival WINNER, Best Comedy Award & WINNER, Audience Award 2004- Da Vinci (OR) Film Festival WINNER, Best Comedy Award 2005- DIY Film Festival Hollywood (Main Festival) WINNER, (Honorable Mention) Best Comedy Award Directed by: Edward S. Marks Written by: Andrew Rubio, Edward S. Marks & Scott R. Miller Edited by: Andrew Rubio

Here's the trailer:
And here's the film in its entirety:

Although discovered independently, Wolter also got pointed in this direction by Mark. So a hat tip to him!

Put Them In a Room Together, This Is Bound To Happen.

Some groups are just natural rivals. For example:
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Protestants & Catholics
  • Oasis & Blur
  • Yankees Fans & Decent Human Beings
And, of course, the most celebrated rivalry of all:

It practically writes itself.Abe Lincolns vs. Robot Hitlers.

That's almost Mike Mignola awesome.

This sweetness appeared in the one-shot, Tales From the Bully Pulpit, by Benito Cereno and Graeme MacDonald. I discovered its existence here, and MUST one day read this in its entirity.

A special shout-out to all who created this and/or distributed it, for giving me an opportunity to create a "Lincoln Punching Hitler" tag. It made my day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

War Correspondence:

Dateline: Berlin, 1945

Jon Wolter, Staff Reporter

As Allied forces march on this once proud capital, a war-weary world sees a glimmer of hope for an end to the nightmare of Totalitarian aggression. The Russians may have hit Berlin first, but in a gesture of sadly fleeting solidarity with their American allies, they step aside for Captain America to punch the hell out of Hitler one last time.

But that Nasty Nazi isn't going down without a fight - and the Fantastic Fists of this Fascist-Facing Force For Freedom wouldn't have it any other way!

...wait for it...

Go get 'im, Cap! And then get to work on Tojo's Terrible Tuchus!

I have found this picture all over the internet, but have no idea who originally created it. Whomever it was, this is country-fried Bad-Assed smothered in Hell Yeah gravy.

The Happiest Punch on Earth

Volume II of Art Speigelman's incredible Maus (which, if you haven't already, you really owe it to yourself to read) begins with the following quote from a German newspaper:

Mickey Mouse is the most miserable ideal ever revealed...Healthy emotions tell every independent young man and every honorable youth that the dirty and filth-covered vermin, the greatest bacteria carrier in the animal kingdom, cannot be the ideal type of animal...Away with Jewish brutalization of the people! Down with Mickey Mouse! Wear the Swastika Cross!
You know what HGP has to say about that?

I like to imagine we are moments away from Chip, Dale, and Pluto hopping out of that tree to finish the job. Click for large image.


Olaf, we are running out of hats to tip to you. Artwork by Steve Simmons, whose site has a lot of other pretty cool artwork that you should check out.

Note: I actually loved this picture so much that I let it skip to the front of our ever-growing queue of anti-Hitler pics. Honestly, talking smack about Mickey? In my hood, you can get a slap for that.

Hitler Punching for Kids

We all know that the Looney Tunes gang, Disney, etc. all partook in Hitler abuse during the war years. Here is one such example, Daffy-the-Commando:

And here's the screencap of the shining moment at ~7:05:

This animated short was supervised by Friz Freleng, story by Michael Maltese. Hat tip to Olaf for the video link and rcs for the screencap.

Mignola + Chabon + Fist + Hitler = Awesome

I defy you to find ONE aspect of this picture that isn't awesome.

My actual words upon discovering this: 'Oh, HELL  yes.'
Go on.

I'll wait.

Yeah, that's what I thought. Punk.

Mike Mignola drew this slab of Incredible for the cover of Michael Chabon Presents the Amazing Adventures of the Escapist #3. And in it, all of the radness that humanity is capable of is achieved.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reasons To Never Stop Punching Hitler: #1

Because if you don't finish him off, you'll have to start all over again if...

Spoiler: Steve Martin ends up marrying Hitler
I've actually seen this movie. And it is not Nestor Paiva's finest work. Also, the actual movie has a painfully unconvincing Hitler head in a jar, not a disembodied brain. Thanks to David Soderlund for reminding me of how bad it was.

Now That's What I Call French Resistance!

A link-dump is the epitome of laziness, but this is kinda cool, yet somewhat outside of our purview:

Thanks to CT for the heads-up.

A Precursor to Modern Pieing?

The contemporary act of political protest gets the HGP treatment here:

No artist or origin information, but the picture was taken from an article on political pieing and groups like the Biotic Baking Brigade. You can find the original article here.

Hat tip to Olaf

I Hear the Working Title Was "K & C Punch Hitler (Plus There's A Golem)"

If you haven't read Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, then please, do so post-haste. It has everything you could ever want in a book: love, adventure, comic books, the immigrant story, the Golem, the Second World War, comic books, friendship, self-sacrifice, denial, and comic books. Plus, the first edition apparently focuses on what really matters in this world:

The only way Houdini could have been more badassed: if he whalloped Hitler.

No, seriously, read this book. It's outstanding. You'll love it. Even if you aren't a totally backwards comics nerd like Flex.

I'm not really sure who drew this cover, but if anyone could contact me with the information, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Ben Handfelt for the heads up on this pic. In addition to his own blog, Ben contributes regularly to Thunder Matt's Saloon, a site I also contribute to on a quasi-regular basis - although my posts tend to center less around celebrating Hitler's glass jaw, and more around Iron Maiden.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Addie and Hermy - GETTING PUNCHED!

Everything may have been bleak for the British by 1940, but they could still laugh at their would-be conquerors. And thus, in the pages of The Dandy, "Addie and Hermy" were born.

In it, Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring were a pair of scruffy ne'er-do-wells that "usually embroiled in a scam that went wrong" (per the BBC).

It's like if the Katzenjammer Kids were war criminals!Click above for larger image.

And the outcome was always the same:

Oh, Addie! Will you ever win?Unfortunately, this is as large as I could find.

Addie and Hermy were the creation of Sam Fair. Thanks to Purple Hayes for cluing us in to this despicable duo.

On the Banks of the 'Ol River Rhine...

...Hitler is getting slapped. Slapped on the ass. Check it:

As with many propaganda posters from this period, detailed origin information is somewhat sketchy. If anyone has traced this poster to the source, we'd be happy to hear about it. Alternatively, if I find out more of my own accord I'll just update the info here.

Hat tip to Olaf