Friday, November 20, 2009

Introducing the Victory Boys!

Man, could this cover get more Golden Age?

I assume Roy Thomas has this tattooed somewhere on his body.Let's see. We have:
  • A team of young boys,
  • Dressed in embarrassing tights,
  • Recklessly endangering themselves,
  • To attack Hitler, who is in cahoots with,
  • A racist caricature of (I guess) Tojo, as well as,
  • An equally racist caricature of what I assume is Mussolini,
  • Who have apparently captured Winston Churchill (or a wax model thereof),
  • And are making him sign a peace treaty,
  • In what appears to be a 15th century Donjon,
  • With a skull candle holder on the desk.
  • Also, a swastika is being set on fire.
I think that pretty much covers it.

The Victory Boys put the boot to Hitler in USA Comics #5, with pencils by Al Gabriele and inks by George Klein.

Olaf discovered this here.

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  1. That'll teach those freedom-haters! No one dicks with Churchill!