Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh, my, my....

Hey guys! Remember this blog?

Friend of HGP (and actual, literal friend of yours truly) Adam sent me this link.

He isn't getting punched. BUT HE SHOULD BE.


Wow. Just wow.

Oh, and just so I provide you with non-linkdump content, here's a pic from Marky Dread:

Now, if I could just get a Churchill 'V' to punch this...

God, help me, Hipster Hitler is the greatest idea I should have had. My hat's off to them.


  1. I dig this blog. Don't stop the presses!! Hitler Punching must continue!!

  2. I'd like to alert you to the opposite end of things.

    When a computing system dramatically slows or stalls, do you know why? It's because someone in the process of designing or administrating the hardware or software allow him- or herself to be distracted. More specifically, it's because that person started fantasizng about sexually pleasuring Hitler, or about gooing through the motions of doing such a thing with Hitler's corpse. That's right. Windows, or Firefox, or whatever chokes because some pervy jerk was or is thinking about pleasuring a man who brought such horror to the world, or about necrophiliac use of his cadaver!

    What each of us needs to do is to contact the institutions responsible -- the publishers, manufacturers, ISPs -- and make it plain that people who engage in such fantasies are responsible, and should be summarily dismissed!

  3. do you post similar drivel in all the websites you visit?

  4. rcs—

    It's too late to close the barn door; the truth has escaped. And, anyway, it's not like other people wouldn't figure it out on their own.

  5. Question for you, anonumass - When a computing system dramatically slows or stalls, do you know why?

    because YOU wasted valuable computing resources with your posts....

  6. rcs—

    No one is going to buy your theory that my comments are behind the slowing of their computers —
    especially in cases when those computers aren't even connected to any network, let alone one where I've made a comment!

    I don't know why you're making you flailing attempts to protect the HBMs who allow their fantasies to derail proper design and administration of computer systems, but flailing you are indeed.

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