Monday, January 31, 2011

HGP Field Trip!

Okay, I know it's been ages since I updated, but I have no excuses or apologies.

A couple of weekends ago, Mrs. HGP and I took a little trip to the Museum of Science and Industry here in Chicago. Now, we mainly came to see the Jim Henson exhibit (awesome), but before we left we took a spin by the U-505 exhibit (also awesome). On the way out, I noticed an old acquaintance...


So, I had to take a potshot:

I also kicked the hell out of that crazy dollhouse thing.

As did Ali:


We also took pictures of me next to a fake stewpot in a replica galley, and numerous other minutiae, but they weren't as germane to the blog. If you're ever in Chicago, be sure to stop by the museum and take a few swings at Adolf before a docent reports you to security!


  1. Have you found this image- "A fist labelled 'America's Increased War Production' (attached to an arm labelled 'Manpower Conservation') delivers an uppercut to Adolf Hitler (with devil horns), accompanied by the text 'Eat to Beat the Devil' and 'The Right Foods Keep You Fit,' from 1942.":