Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well this one almost pulled a fast one on me:

Really, I almost expected this to say 'Hitler Goes Wild!'
At first I thought this was a genuine Golden Age cover, until I realized that the artwork had a surprisingly Kirbyesque, Silver Age feel (and the logo was oddly modern looking). It turns out that Surprising Comics was a 1999 attempt to reprint Golden Age stories, whose cover was pencilled by long-time Kirby inker Chic Stone, and inked by Tom Hickey. I can't find a direct lift for this pose, but there are quite a few 1960s Kirby covers that look suspiciously similar.

And now you know...

Oh and the character engaged in Mighty-Thor-esque grapplage with Hitler is named 'Nemesis.'

And now you know even more...

This is another one where I can't remember the credit. Anyone wants to take it, it's yours.

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