Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Poetry Corner!

I got so excited about remembering to hang Hitler on his birthday, I almost forgot that today was one of my posting days.

Have another collage poem!

Time To

I am made of shellfish tick tock tick
He encounter globe make gesture
Come at swingin', come at swingin'
I sit in one of the dives on
Firebomb jag, write them as are
Give Adolf the rough end of the stick
The swift rendering unto, the hot house
There may, four candles grouped, as is,
With Elmer Fudd in Warsaw Ghetto
This Count Basie Orchestral Maneuvers in
The thee the thou the wendigo blues
Lightly brown a pound of ground
Take a number, punch that Shitler
Sometimes it happens that an image
Is not forthcoming, so come at him
Thanks to Gene Mayes for the erudite Hitler Punchery.

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