Monday, April 19, 2010

HGP's Poetry Corner!

Happy Monday! It's time to give you illiterate HGP readers some culture. Some culture with fists.

Longtime HGP reader (and one of our first contributors) Gene Mayes has given us another slab of two-fisted poetic justice, this time a collage poem:

Cold Soup in the Bathroom

They often wander for the wandering
The old prizefighters; Henry screwed the day
And nightly scissored his canned brown bread
Why not chase the moondog? Hitler creeping
All lyrical abstractions correct and accounted
For lying still and sleeping, Daffy Duck
And hollowpoint rounds--Hitler saw and ducked
The first punch, the second, not third
The hard bread breath of, the sticky lights of, of
Mussolini hidden with hardboiled eggs in aspic
Jiggling, Hitler crying now, bloodied and
Vaguer stuff can still decide the day, Henry screwed the day
And nightly punched the F├╝hrer they called him
They often wander for the wandering, dog moons
And nicer stuff, ducked or lying under gelatin cover
Punch him harder
It's a dog's world
Thanks again, Gene! Here's your Fun Bucks. And remember: Hitler Punching is for everyone! Send your examples, in whatever medium you choose, to HitlerPuncher AT gmail DOT com.

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