Monday, July 13, 2009

The Brave and the Bold and the Fists and the Dinosaurs

Comics writer Geoff Johns is a talented guy, but also one weird mammajamma, as the following series of twitter updates (or "TweetsTM" as the kids call them) may show:

I had a dream that I read a comic with Batman and Captain America teaming up as they travel through time, riding pterodactyls.
10:40 AM Jul 8th from web

It was good until I got to the page where they were fighting Adolf Hitler's ancestor Anthro Hitler.
10:42 AM Jul 8th from web

They ended up fighting over whether or not to kill Anthro Hitler, but by the time they decided it was "wrong" they had led a T-Rex there.
10:46 AM Jul 8th from web

The T-Rex ate Anthro Hitler! Time went all weird and Batman and Captain America were in a Gladiator pit with lions! TO BE CONTINUED!!!
10:47 AM Jul 8th from web

I'm going to try and dream I have the trade tonight.
10:49 AM Jul 8th from web

Thankfully, someone named "Ndi" helped his dreams come true, at least partially:

Brubaker, Morrison, Johns...One or all of you need to make this so.
It's like a beautiful peek into my id.

I'm still waiting for that trade myself. That, and Blackest Night. It's gonna be sweet.

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