Monday, April 6, 2009

Goethe Gives Hitler A Talking To

A Bagatelle

Hitler, his eyes to the east. Hitler, his hand on the west. Hitler, reading Goethe. Hitler, his eyes to the east, reading Goethe, his hand on the west, falls asleep in his great red chair, Hitler, he, reading Goethe. Hitler sleeps, he doesn’t dream. A common mistake to attribute mad vision to dreaming. Every madman sleeps like a—Goethe, page creeps up on itself. Hitler sleeping, book in lap. The page creeps. The page creeps up and forms a five-fingered knot. Uh oh for snoozing Hitler. Pow!, right in the kisser. He wakes up, hollers.

He had forgotten Napoleon all along!

Thanks to Gene Mayes for this fantastic tale of Hitler Fist-magnetry.

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