Monday, August 24, 2009

UPDATE: Emo Tarot Drag Queen Hitler Translated!

I just received this email from HGP Contributor Mark:

From a Dutch friend of mine:

"Kiele kiele kiele is some sound which has to do with tickling someone and is a bit childlike. So maybe "tickle, tickle, tickle" comes closest. De onvervulde droom van een onderduiker means the unfulfilled dream of a person in hiding. The first thing most Dutchies think about when they here the word "onderduiker" is that of the Jews during World War II."

She also included a little dig at our beloved language:

"You guys don't have a real word for "onderduiker"? Just "person in hiding", which doesn't really have the same feel to it..."

But, having made such a wonderful contribution to the gallery of Hitler abuse, I guess the Dutch are entitled to insult us just this once.

So thanks, Mark! The mystery of Emo Drag Queen Tarot Hitler has been solved!

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