Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Flamingo!

This is a pretty damn cool piece of work by illustrator Paul Sizer:

I'm not gay, but I'm an open Hitler Puncher and proud of it.

A description from his DeviantArt page:

The REMAKE/REMODEL thread is re-activated at Warren Ellis' WHITECHAPEL forums, and it was missed, but the time off recharged people's batteries, so it's all good. Here's this week's description of THE FLAMINGO:

"From Contact Comics in 1944:
Colonel Moore Williams knows the enemy is easily terrified by the strange and unknown, so he becomes the superhero known as the Flamingo! He has no powers and is only armed with his intellect, his physical strength, his service revolver, and a specially built plane. He uses his new identity to accomplish things the military cannot."

Because people punching Hitler NEVER goes out of style, I decided to make my Flamingo be a defender of America and a champion for the gay men in the armed forces, most of whom were not able to be "out" with their sexuality in that time period. I figured that he would have a special grudge against Hitler's Nazi regime, based on the fact that homosexuals were persecuted as much as the Jewish and Roma people during World War 2.
The pink triangle was used by the Nazis to identify homosexuals in the concentration camps, and the symbol has been re-purposed by some gay support groups in modern times, hence why I have The Flamingo wearing the triangles as a sign of defiance and pride.

Fake comic book cover for the thread.

Pencils/Inks: MANGASTUDIO EX 3.0
It also comes in poster form. And though this one isn't available, you can purchase another, very kickass anti-Nazi poster from that same profile.

Thanks to Olaf for the link.

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