Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Official Car of HGP

Now, I know Wolter. He's a good man. A brave man. A man who isn't afraid to start a blog that collects media of Hitler getting punched and otherwise abused. A finer Christian I know not. But, he's also a terrible, terrible communist sometimes. Why? Because he doesn't own a car. Luckily, I have found the official vehicle of Hitler Getting Punched:
Face Punching Mobile
That's right, it's the Face Punching Mobile (no known credits). I would assume that it was invented in a top secret lab run within the fearsome Antarctic base the Allies constructed in 1942. (note: this history is 100% true).

Now, friends, I throw down the gauntlet! Doctor this graphic. DOCTOR IT TO HELL and make it punch Hitler. Any submissions will be posted. If we receive none, Wolter will cry. And no one wants that.

Onward, HGP soldiers.


  1. dude #4 who gets punched... isn''t that AH hisself?????????

  2. Hmmm... it's possible, but I can's say for sure. It didn't strike me as him until you pointed it out.

    We may need an official ruling from Wolt on this.