Friday, October 9, 2009


I always feel really awkward posting some of these pics, because there is a great deal of racial insensitivity floating under the surface. It was a different time, with different social mores. I mean, a newspaper comic starring a character named Big Chief Wahoo who could complain about having to cook by saying "Ugh! Squaw work!" is not exactly PC, or even socially acceptable these days.1

But have that same stereotype put an arrow in Hitler's ass?

'I will fight no more forever...unless Hitler shows up. Then all bets are off, bitches.' - Chief Joseph

"Ugh. Wolter like. Brave work."

Big Chief Wahoo was created by writer Allen Saunders and artist Elmer Woggon,2 and usually appeared in newspapers under distribution from Publisher's Syndicate. Cover taken from Famous Funnies #102. For the record, Famous Funnies is usually considered the first newstand "comic book."

Thanks to Olaf for the tip-off.

  1. Note that I didn't even mention Tojo/Hirohito. Honestly, it would be easier just to point out when the Japanese WEREN'T portrayed by racist caricatures.
  2. So at least the "Wog" signature is not another random racial slur.

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