Sunday, October 11, 2009

Well, This Is a Doozy...

Okay, Golden Age. You are really hard to explain sometimes.

Short version: Private Dogtag (The World's Dumbest Soldier) is invisible due to some potion and he's flying after Hitler in an indestructible plane with his lucky ring to...oh, nevermind. Just watch:

I have no idea what to do for rollover jokes.
No, really.
No idea.
Well, I have one...
Well, it's less of a joke, it's an observation:
I love the use of little swastikas for the impact.
That was really it.
You can probably stop reading now.
Well, you can read the actual panel texts.
I just don't have any other things to say.
Still reading?
I assume you're thinking there will be at least one good one.
Don't you think I would have used it by now?
I've never held back before.
I bet you feel dumb for reading all of them.
Dogtag was drawn (or, mostly not drawn) by Bart Tumey. The entire story can be found here.

Thanks to Olaf.

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