Thursday, October 29, 2009

No-Theme Week, Day IV!

As alert reader (and avid Billy Joel fan1) Kaleb pointed out yesterday on the HGP Facebook page,2 "No Theme" is a sort of theme. So by not having a theme, I have a theme, and therefore have not stuck to my theme.

I have failed again.

On an unrelated and therefore related note, here's a picture of Hitler getting indigestion due to the machinations of Senator Claude Pepper:

That looks less like a swastika, and more like the letter 'E' dancing to the Bangles.
Cartoon originally drawn by Lynn Brudon, and submitted by rcs.

  1. You're going to sue me for libel, aren't you Kaleb?
  2. Which I have been forced to name "H1tler Getting Punched" because apparently the thought of hurting Hitler offends people.

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