Monday, June 15, 2009

Postcard Week, Day 1!

Through Rain, Sleet, Snow, or the Gloom of Fascist Night, HGP will be bringing you a weeks worth of fine, mailable Hitler Abuse!

Well, except Sunday. And any government holidays. Also, I'm on my break, so only one window is available. And, the rates just went up, so you'll have to attach an extra 2-cent stamp.

But other than that, get ready for at least 6 days or so of Fuhrer-Smacking Fury that you could use to mail your darkest secrets to Frank Warren.

Note: Several of these pictures (as the watermark says) come from this site, so if you really like them (and have the scratch), you can buy one for yourself! Or, you know, buy one for your friendly neighborhood Hitler-Punching-blogger...

And without further ado, let the mail-order-mayhem begin:

I like to imagine the sound effect of impact was 'SCRUM!'
Check your mailbox tomorrow for more!

I can't tell the artist's name, but I can tell you it was Olaf that tipped me off to this picture, and the site.

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