Sunday, June 21, 2009

Postcard Week, Day 7!

Unlike the actual post office, HGP is open on Sundays!

And Stalin ain't the only one to drop a 'Dolf duece this week...1

Sam did use quilted TP with lotion afterwards. We aren't savages, people.
This "Plumbing Race" and the much-ballyhooed "Toilet Gap" (whereupon the U.S. was disturbed to learn the Soviets could flush Hitler 75 times over, to America's 22) set the future tone for much of the Cold War.

Olaf and The Alibear both independently submitted this puppy, which he apparently found at the Hitler Library, a site (to be perfectly honest) that I cannot tell is pro- or anti-Hitler...

  1. Oh, how ashamed I am of that comment.

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