Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Love Noseart!

Which is apparently what I'm about to show you is called.

So, yesterday, Supes gave Hitler a Kryptonian Knuckle Sandwich. But we all know Ma and Pa Kent didn't raise no lawless vigilante, so the next logical step would be for him to take Adolf to the proper authorities:

I hope Hitler got tons of bugs in his teeth, if not a birdstrike to the forehead.
And what better way than to fly on the nose of a bomber? I submit there is none.

According to this website, the proper credits for this picture are:

Lt. Hiram O Bevins, 61st Fighter Squadron. P-47C 41-6232 HV-B. Detail view of artwork situated on fuselage.

Photo: Fred Christensen via Sam Sox

Oh, and get this: a very fuzzy picture of Supes punching Hitler or the other side!

Hat tip: Olaf

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