Monday, June 15, 2009

Interlude: A Poem...

I'm interrupting POSTCARD WEEK for a submission from a reader.

Last D-Day, I received the following in an email:

A Poem (Or Song, I Suppose) About Punching Hitler In The Face

"He was something I couldn't stand
So I simply pulled back my hand
Oh, it was my saving grace
When I punched Hitler in the face.

It angered me, I reeled my fist back
I shot forward and leaped to attack
Kept goin' on about the superior race
So I punched Hitler in the face.

I jumped on him, all ready to strike
Because of his talk about the Third Reich
I didn't have no sword or mace
So I settled for punching Hitler in the fa-ce.

And if you said I could do it again
I'd come at him with even more men."

(...I-I wrote it myself. I still counts. Or at least brightens your day a little bit. Or makes you laugh at my PHAIL.)

Not at all! All forms of Hitler abuse are an EPIC WIN here at HGP. I just wish I had been more timely in my response! My only excuse: I am a lazy, procrastinating weasel.

Thanks to Anna Göransdottir for the submission! Here's your HGP Fun Bucks!

Remember that you can submit here by sending any original art, writing, or whatever to HitlerPuncher AT gmail DOT com.

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