Friday, May 22, 2009

Bayonet Week, Day TWELVE?!?!

Holy hell...I cannot believe I have another Bayonet Week entry.

But, every time I try to wrap this series up, another one shows up.

You know what this picture could use? Ghost Rider. But then again, most pictures could use that.


Thanks again to Olaf, who discovered this here.

One more thing:

I am going to trim the rate of content back to a single morning entry per day from now on, unless I have guest art submissions, which will go up in the afternoon. I have a huge backlog of pics and vids right now (Olaf alone probably has submitted another 30-40 things you haven't seen), so lack of content is not an issue - I just want to have a little more free time outside of work to pursue my (admittedly limited) non-Hitler-Punching-related interests. Scheduling these isn't amazingly time consuming, but I have been far too busy to keep as far in advance as I would like to be.

Rest assured however, as long as I have the material, there will be daily content.

  1. Hopefully never.2
  2. But probably today.

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