Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Futuro: Not a Very Good Judge of Character

Do you hate Hitler? Sure. We all do.

And, if you came here, you probably enjoy watching him suffer almost as much as I do. Which more or less makes this one solid right cross short of the perfect image for this site:

I'm as anti-Hitler as the next guy...
A comic book character dragging Hitler to hell.

Thanks go out to the ever delightful Alibear, who, incidentally is about to get the chance to do something that is probably second only to "travel back in time to punch Hitler" on my list of dream jobs - becoming a victim in a horror film.

And while trying to research the artist, I discovered it was a reprint of this:

...but can't you reel off at least one punch before tossing him into the Malebolge?
According to the Grand Comics Database:
Time Traveling Super Hero Futuro along with his team The U.S. Futurians (Faith, Freedom, Truth, Courage, and Justice) kidnap Adolph Hitler and send him to Hell as punishment for his crimes only to discover that The Fuhrer and Satan make a deadly team.
I have to ask: how did he not see that coming?

I do not have any artist credits for this, sadly. But I think the U.S. Futurians would be a great band name.

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  1. Awww! Thanks for the plug! I enjoy being "ever delightful" in your eyes.