Friday, May 15, 2009

Gutzon Borglum Is Rolling in His Grave

You know, I'm willing to bet there are few things that could upset Uncle Sam more than if a certain Austrian War Criminal decided to add his face to a certain mountain in a certain Dakota...

Adolf's damn lucky Teddy doesn't pop out of the mountain and bitch-slap him right here and now.
I mean, I can't imagine he would take it well...

OOOH! This is gonna be SWEEEEEEEET...
Not well AT all...

There are so few times in life that punching a mountain helps. Please: take the time to savor it.
Uh huh. That's pretty much the response I expected.

Oh, Living Embodiment of the American Spirit, is there any problem you can't solve by punching?

God, I hope not. Or we are screwed.

This choice example of Knuckle-Based Hitler-Demolition appears in Justice League of America #108 - with more info to be found here. It was pencilled by Dick Dillin, inked by Dick Giordano, and submitted by Olaf, who is clearly NOT a Dick in any meaning of the word.

P.S. - if you knew what the title of this post meant without looking it up, kudos for paying attention in your Elementary School Social Studies class.

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