Friday, May 1, 2009

"I'm a Shock Trooper In a Stupor..."

Here's a little bit of verse from Silent Majority about my favorite Ramone meeting my least favorite anything:

It was in the year of '79
Dee Dee Ramone lay on his leathered back
Saturday smack addled shine
No whiskey did he lack

He stepped on board a vision
And followed with some gin
And ended up in Germany
Near the border of Berlin

He watched the marching army
Baffled at their clothes
Thought that he'd gone barmy
Seeing the Nazi pose

He walked the streets for hours
Then stopped at the Reichstag doors
The guards were simply cowards
Ran at the set of his jaw

He put on his jet black shades
Motorcycle boots on polished floor
A one man commando raid
Looking good for sure

Dee Dee sneered at the day
A moustached creep screamed
"Sieg heil! Actung! Danke schon! Away"
As on the fireplace he leaned

Easily caught and quickly taught
A lesson or two in place
Hitler brought up short
Dee Dee pulled out his razor bass

Yes, he caught the little turd
Punched Adolf after the chase
Singing 53rd & 3rd
As he banged the bass in his bloody face

The Ramone hit him for ages
Kicked his jackbooted arse
As Hitler had his impotent rages
As the sunshine turned to dark

Blood's never looked so pretty
As when it came from Hitler's shin
Dee Dee awoke in New York City
Many miles from Berlin

Gabba Gabba Heil?

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