Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reasons to Never Stop Punching Hitler: He Keeps Making Money

Well, sort of. Ch-Ch-Check it out:

LONDON (Reuters) - A series of paintings believed to be by a young Adolf Hitler fetched nearly 98,000 pounds ($143,000) including premium at an auction in Britain, well in excess of pre-sale estimates.

Among them was a watercolor of a pensive figure sitting at the end of a stone bridge with the letters "A.H." written beside it, which sold for 10,000 pounds.

Fucked up, right? I mean, let's break this down: 1) I'm no artist, but Hitler's paintings are basically like Paint-By-Numbers for people that hate dreidels, 2) Paying $143,000 for Hitler-produced artwork is worse than Communism, 3) How come we ehn't seeing any of that fat money, huh? We have drug habits to feed too, dammit.*

But, I kid. We do this for the love of the craft, not the fabulous prizes, hot babes, or truckloads of money Wolter promised me when we started this. It's all about the love, baby.

*Note: the seller is probably not a drug addict.

Hat tip to Rat Patrol for the lead on the story

Note: All kidding aside, this will be my last post here. Keep up the awesome work Wolt. Good night and good luck.

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