Friday, April 17, 2009


Or, Your Guess Is As Good As Mine, Folks.

Click on the following to see a large version:

On the one hand: this is CRAZY. On the other: this is crazy AWESOME.

I have NO IDEA were this originally came from, who drew it, or exactly how serious they are. However, this is clearly some sort of Wizard's Battle between Stalin and Hitler. In Russian and German.


A digression: this drawing's subject matter is a serendipitous concidence, but I cannot elaborate on the reason why just yet.

A further digression: I suspect it will be DAYS before I will stop laughing at "NEIN!"

Thanks to The Alibear for hooking me up with this bafflingly sweet comic.

PSEUDO-EDIT/FINAL DIGRESSION: I have had this entry scheduled for nearly a week, sitting in the queue with my ignorance in view for no one but myself (or possibly Flex) to see, when Olaf sent me this link this morning: THE FULL COMIC WITH TRANSLATIONS! I decided to leave the original entry intact, as a document to my childlike sense of wonder upon first seeing this. Now I'm off to actually read this work of what is either genius or insanity.

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