Friday, April 17, 2009

Punching Hitler: The Movie

We truly live in a glorious age:
The Award-winning Short from 2004 now on MySpace. Three drinking buddies get hold of a time machine and decide to go back in time to punch Adolf Hitler every single day of his life. PUNCHING HITLER hit the festival circuit in 2004 and had a healthy run that's still going strong. HITLER was featured at the Cannes Marketplace, DaVinci Fest, The Valley International Film Festival, FilmStock UK and several other festivals around the world. Seen in over 22 Film Festivals and 5 Countries! AWARDS: 2004- Valley International Film Festival(CA) WINNER "People's Choice" Award 2004- FilmStock(England) International Film Festival WINNER, Best Comedy Award & WINNER, Audience Award 2004- Da Vinci (OR) Film Festival WINNER, Best Comedy Award 2005- DIY Film Festival Hollywood (Main Festival) WINNER, (Honorable Mention) Best Comedy Award Directed by: Edward S. Marks Written by: Andrew Rubio, Edward S. Marks & Scott R. Miller Edited by: Andrew Rubio

Here's the trailer:
And here's the film in its entirety:

Although discovered independently, Wolter also got pointed in this direction by Mark. So a hat tip to him!

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