Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Addie and Hermy - GETTING PUNCHED!

Everything may have been bleak for the British by 1940, but they could still laugh at their would-be conquerors. And thus, in the pages of The Dandy, "Addie and Hermy" were born.

In it, Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring were a pair of scruffy ne'er-do-wells that "usually embroiled in a scam that went wrong" (per the BBC).

It's like if the Katzenjammer Kids were war criminals!Click above for larger image.

And the outcome was always the same:

Oh, Addie! Will you ever win?Unfortunately, this is as large as I could find.

Addie and Hermy were the creation of Sam Fair. Thanks to Purple Hayes for cluing us in to this despicable duo.

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