Thursday, April 16, 2009

War Correspondence:

Dateline: Berlin, 1945

Jon Wolter, Staff Reporter

As Allied forces march on this once proud capital, a war-weary world sees a glimmer of hope for an end to the nightmare of Totalitarian aggression. The Russians may have hit Berlin first, but in a gesture of sadly fleeting solidarity with their American allies, they step aside for Captain America to punch the hell out of Hitler one last time.

But that Nasty Nazi isn't going down without a fight - and the Fantastic Fists of this Fascist-Facing Force For Freedom wouldn't have it any other way!

...wait for it...

Go get 'im, Cap! And then get to work on Tojo's Terrible Tuchus!

I have found this picture all over the internet, but have no idea who originally created it. Whomever it was, this is country-fried Bad-Assed smothered in Hell Yeah gravy.

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