Friday, April 24, 2009

Cap #1 Tribute Week - CALE!!!!!

In honor of Cap #1 Tribute Week, I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and finally put up my own Hitler-punching art.

In point of fact, my original purpose of this blog was not only to find and post pictures by others, but to personally create an ongoing series of Fuhrer-Abuse-Centered artwork. The following picture began as a rough sketch about 2 days before I even had the idea to start this blog, and finally came to fruition when I realized a few days ago that I didn't have a Friday entry for this Tribute Week and frantically started drawing during my lunch breaks at work.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you:

Don't worry, Kris Kristofferson wasn't at home.

Click to enlarge


This probably requires a little backstory. Unfortunately, I'm not prepared to give it all away just yet. But rest assured, more will come of this. And when it does, you will never look at Harry Dean Stanton, Ted Nugent, or Finnish Nazi Archeologist Yrjö von Grönhagen the same ever again.




The following quote may prove illuminating, though only partially:

"I was staying at the Tropicana Hotel in Hollywood. One day we heard all this noise. We looked across the parking lot to the other side where the noise was coming from and suddenly the whole door of this room came flying out onto the balcony, and there stood John Cale. He couldn't work the doorknob, so he just knocked the door down,right off the hinges."

Leee Childers
Unless I find or receive another Tribute pic, this concludes Cap #1 Tribute Week. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Hitler-punching, already in progress.

A special tip o' the cap to Gene Mayes, the co-creator of the eventually upcoming Astonishing Adventures of Stalin & Cale. Stay tuned for more arcane viral marketing both here, and elsewhere. And of course a huge tip of the cap to Simon and Kirby, without whom not much of anything I like would be possible.


  1. This is a masterful creation, Wolter. I'm blown away. Well made and excellently executed. Good job!

  2. It's the senses-shattering tribute cover that had to happen! Face front, effendi, for this is one that could only have come from the House of Tribute Ideas!

  3. I was going to make fun of whatever you create (you know, like a good friend), but that's just too damned face punchingly awesome.