Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cap #1 Tribute Week - ZOMBIES!!!!!

I kinda missed the boat on the Marvel Zombies comics, even though I'm a huge fan of Zombie movies. The whole idea just didn't move me much.

But this? This is Gold.

I hope it took Zombie Cap at least 10 minutes to shamble over to Zombie Hitler.

As usual, click to enlarge.

If one has any doubts about the awesomeness of this image, let's review the checklist:

  • Is Captain America being depicted? Check.
  • Is he punching Hitler? Check.
  • Is Hitler's frickin' head coming off? BIG check.
  • Is frickin' ASH FROM THE EVIL DEAD TRILOGY taking on the role of trusty sidekick? Groovy check.

I think it's safe to assume this image is AWESOME.

Picture courtesy of the variant cover of Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #1, and is painted by Arthur Suydam.

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